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What does the design office Plantépure offer? 

Belonging to Aquatiris network, located in Aveyron and Lozère, the design office Plantépure offers ecological solutions for wastewater treatment by reed beds. Your project is about your house, a housing complex, a holiday cottage, a farm or a camping, with or without dry toilets, this system may suit you! 

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Why are reed beds the right choice?

The filtration through reed bed uses the purifying potential of natural environments ; this system respects the nature's cycle. This device is ecological, natural, sustainable, robust and easy-care! More, your sanitation station will be part of your landscaping.

Without septic tank et without flush water, the only product of this sanitation station is a reusable compost in your garden.

Do you want to know how your Jardin d'assainissement will be over the year ? Look at the movie "Les  Jardins d'assainissement au fil des saisons" !

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Why Aquatiris system?

The Aquatiris system, Les jardins d'assainissement d'Aquatiris, is the result of many years of research and field experimentations (results available on  Aquatiris website). This technique, already experienced, has the ministerial agreement, essential to install a non collective sanitation station; national agreement number 2011-022 on all the range from 3 to 20 EH. 

More, the Aquatiris network with all its collaborators on french territory reduces travels; indeed products are local and the design office and the fitter nearby (further informations on Aquatiris convention).

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